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 The Amigo® XL Bug Rug Fly Sheet with Disc Front Closure (0g Lite) offers a broader and deeper design in the light mesh fabric to specifically accommodate bigger framed horses with generous sizing in the chest and deeper in the overall drop.


Boasting a 20% deeper cut to give additional room for shoulder movement and a 10% longer body length to cover a larger frame, this sheet is perfect for your big best friend!


- disc front closure for ease of use and to prevent rubbing

- dual front leg arches offer greater freedom of movement

- double adjustable surcingles ensuring a secure fit

- exceptional UV and fly protection

-  a detachable hood

- wipe clean tail cord

- silky mane, shoulder and tail flap lining

HWI Amigo XL Bug Rug w/ Disc Front

Excluding GST/HST |
colour: Lunar Rock/Navy&Haze
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