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Offering exceptional value, fly and UV protection, the Amigo® Bug Rug Fly Sheet (0g Lite) is a soft, breathable, and lightweight sheet with strong sun-reflecting properties. 


Now in Pony Sizes!! Up to 63" -  Look at the Regular Amigo Bug Rug for 66" and 69"


This fly sheet features a supersized tail flap and a detachable hood, giving your horse exceptional coverage and protection. The front leg arches allow for greater freedom of movement, and the double straight front closure and two adjustable cross surcingles give you peace of mind on a secure fit. The shine enhancing mane, shoulder and tail flap help reduce friction.


Compatible with our Waterproof Fly Rug Liner, you can keep your horse comfortable and dry on showery days, even when the flies reappear when the rain stops. A versatile fly sheet at an affordable price to meet your budget and needs.

HWI Amigo Pony Bug Rug Flysheet - For Ponies!

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