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A blanket liner made to fit your Amigo XL.  An easy way to make one turnout cover all the temperature ranges of the season.  Also easily washable, so you can give your horse a fresh layer next to their coat, even in the depths of winter, to help allleviate blanket grunge!


Keeping your horse turned out at the appropriate weight for the changing weather is easy. Made for our XL blankets that are liner system compatible.



  • Made with 210T polyester outer and lining, with 200g of fiberfill.



  • XL Cut
  • A simple system, Horseware® liners give your blanket superior insulation properties without the need for 2 blankets.
  • Maximum warmth with less weight.
  • The liner easily attaches by Velcro loops to the neck area of the outer blanket, and clips onto the back corners to prevent the liner from slipping.
  • Liners can be easily washed in a domestic washing machine.

HWI Amigo XL Blanket Liner 200g

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colour: Navy/Navy
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