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Low glycemic growth and conditioning formula for yearlings and broodmares. A Kentucky Equine Research Formulated Feed

Available Textured or Pelleted

Phase II is a scientifically formulated growing ration suitable for yearlings and broodmares. Phase II has a nutritional profile designed to help prevent developmental orthopedic diseases (DOD). Phase II draws energy largely from digestible fibre and high quality fat from soy oil. The mineral profile including organic (chelated) trace minerals and natural source Vitamin E complements an ideal amino acid profile.

Phase II with Flax Appeal provides superior broodmare nutrition necessary to produce healthy active foals and maintain an adequate lactation level.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) 14.00 %

Crude Fat (min.) 8.00 %

Crude Fibre (max.) 12.00 %

Calcium (act.) .80 %

Phosphorus (act.) .60 %

Magnesium(act.) .31%

Sodium (act.) .40 %

Vitamin A (min.) 11050 IU/KG.

Vitamin D (min.) 1105 IU/KG.

Vitamin E (min.) 328 IU/KG.

Selenium (min. added) .45 ppm.

Manufactured in Canada in a drug-free environment. Textured values shown.

KER Phase 2 Pellet

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