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Maximum calorie formula with a reduced NSC to fuel elite equine athletes and condition hard keepers.

Fibre O Plus is a high-performance “grain free” formula for active horses requiring a maximum calorie intake with a reduced carbohydrate (NSC) level. Fibre O Plus draws energy primarily from digestible fibre including beet pulp, and multiple fat sources including flax and rice bran. The low glycemic, calorie dense formula of Fibre O Plus makes it an ideal feed for horses where weight gain is desired in a low NSC formula. Fibre O Plus supplies manageable energy with complete balanced nutrition in a palatable form that keeps horses training or showing to their maximum ability.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) 12.00 %

Crude Fat (min.) 12.50 %

Crude Fibre (max.) 15.00 %

Calcium (act.) 1.0 %

Phosphorus (act.) .60 %

Sodium (act.) .40 %

Vitamin A (min.) 11000 IU/KG.

Vitamin D (min.) 1100 IU/KG.

Vitamin E (min.) 315 IU/KG.

Selenium (min. added) .45 ppm.

Manufactured in Canada in a drug-free environment.

Brooks Fibre O Plus

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