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Contains therapeutic prebiotics and probiotics to maximize the efficiency and health of the digestive system. Enhanced gut conditions ensure optimum health and maximum performance.

A reduced level of sugar & starch with an emphasis on non NSC sources such as fat and fibre make Eeze Pro Plus an excellent choice for disciplines requiring high calorie density and maximum stamina.

The inclusion of an extruded component ensures that the digestibility of the included carbohydrates is enhanced to limit any undesirable side effects.

Fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and chelated minerals provide micronutrient nutrition and essential amino acids for optimum performance and muscle repair.

Omega 3 rich flax provides healthy fat energy to minimize fatigue and increase stamina. Rice bran adds digestible fibre and fat energy.

Brooks Oxiguard System of natural source Vitamin E and organic selenium work synergistically to lessen muscle soreness and fatigue.

Brooks Eeze Pro Plus

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