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A reduced level of sugar & starch with an emphasis on non NSC sources such as fat and fibre make EEZE an excellent choice for disciplines requiring a high calorie density and maximum stamina.

EEZE is formulated based on research conducted on horses prone to tying up. EEZE is a proven and effective choice for RER, PSSM and other metabolic conditions.

A well-balanced level of vitamins and chelated minerals provide micronutrient fortification lacking in forages alone and eliminates the need for expensive supplements when fed at recommended levels.

A full complement of B Vitamins including biotin supplies the daily maintenance requirements and a full spectrum of essential amino acids supplies protein for performance and muscle repair.

Brooks Oxiguard System of bioavailable Vitamin E and organic selenium work synergistically to minimize muscle soreness and fatigue.

A proprietary form of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a prebiotic with a wide body of research improves digestion of fibre and promotes more efficient use of nutrients.

Brooks Eeze

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